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I’m Sam. Currently a sophomore at the University of Michigan in the English program, I don’t really plan on posting anything coherent, just a collection of my thoughts. Took the douche-pill and made a blog. If you’re viewing this page, you probably know who I am already.

Mourning Wall

“We never love anyone. What we love is the idea we have of someone. It’s our own concept—our own selves—that we love.” ― Fernando Pessoa, The Book of Disquiet I’ve been thinking a lot about the implications of possessing a conscience. The frailty of the human spirit, and the fragility of the relationships we hold.Continue reading “Mourning Wall”


Something missingAlways has been missingSince my mom passedAnd that cruel friendshipOh so painful I’m stuck in a loopAn eternal loopIt’s like escaping quicksandThe pits of hell Self-inflictedLike an abusive relationshipI am a facsimileTo the pessimist within But I hold people dear to my heartAnd I’m sure they would say otherwiseTell me I’m enoughAnd that IContinue reading “[REDACTED]”


Something missingAlways ████████ missing████████████ passed████████ cruel ██████████████ painful █████████ in a loop██ eternal ████It’s like escaping █████████The pits of hell █████████████████████ abusive ████████████I am a facsimile███████████████████████ ██████████ people █████████████████████████████████ would say █████████Tell me I’m enough████████ I make their lives ████████████ worse I am █████████ what I think I am███ a pain to have aroundIt’s ██████████████Continue reading “██████████”


My hair flows with the oscillations of a fanLike tendrilsThe rays of light through my blindsLike tendrilsThe phone is the brightest thing in the roomBlinding meCurated snippets from perfect livesBlinding meI yearn for something greaterSomething biggerThe shame I feel malignantly festersSomething biggerThe world outside escapes my graspSwiftly abscondingHope of a life better than thisSwiftly abscondingIContinue reading “Sinew”

This Charming Man

The sands of time are unrelenting, and they won’t stop for youNor I, and every day I can imagine the sands in an hourglass slowly sinking. Sinking is a feeling I don’t want to imagine, hopelessly struggling against the grains of a desertThat leaves you with nothing but a succumbing feeling of futility.Like a race,Continue reading “This Charming Man”

Cold Front

The wind was flowing with an icy sting on that fateful November day. I say fateful as if it wasn’t a pathetic attempt at either confronting my fears of living my life in mediocrity or confronting my fear that I’m just like everybody else, that I’m nothing more than just a fleeting sensation on theContinue reading “Cold Front”

A Stream

Something arises within me, a fleeting thought Who am I to claim I deserve to fulfill my dreams? Who deserves to claim that I won’t fulfill my dreams? The pressures from an uncaring world, cold and dark Like a 5 AM shower when my eyes won’t close, cold and dark The gentle sounds of scaldingContinue reading “A Stream”

Something more despondent

The most regret a person can experience is when lamenting lost potential. I’m horrified by it every waking moment of every day. I stand petrified by it, the looming specter of my failure inching closer every with every second that passes without me working towards my aspirations. Sometimes I think it stems from some kindContinue reading “Something more despondent”