A Stream

Something arises within me, a fleeting thought

Who am I to claim I deserve to fulfill my dreams?

Who deserves to claim that I won’t fulfill my dreams?

The pressures from an uncaring world, cold and dark

Like a 5 AM shower when my eyes won’t close, cold and dark

The gentle sounds of scalding water dripping from my back

The gentle movement of a tear rolling from someone’s cheek

There’s more to this world than just me, I know that much

And I know as much that there’s more suffering in this world than I can imagine

There are people in my life that rely on me for different things

People in my life rely on things that I can only trust myself to give

There’s purpose in being a confidant, a friend and a healer

A jester and a dilettante, what is my purpose?

In the arms of someone I love, I realize it was only a fleeting thought

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